About us

About us

Since 1996, the Altair team has evolved at the same time as our clients, motivated with the
challenges that the entrepreneurial initiatives and the public administration put forward.
During this time, we have established ourselves as specialists in project management at all its
stages, covering all disciplines needed for each case.
Our mission is to work with our clients in the implementation and development of their projects.
We design engineering and architectural solutions to build new areas and spaces where we can develop those activities that the society and the new businesses demand.
Our formula is based on the well-balanced use of ingenuity, creativity and innovation, to provide functional, affordable and long-lasting solutions.

We have a team of specialists that consist of:

  • Project Managers
  • Architects
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Building Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Draftsmen

Our methodology

  • Project Management: We undertake all the stages of the projects or only those which are necessary
  • Assessment: Research and analysis that are essential before starting any project. It evaluates what will be the technique to use and the economic viability of the project.
    It also includes counseling in issues such as soil valuation and suitability, urbanistic agreements, moves and relocations, construction of structured finance models (Project Finance)
  • Project Development: Urban, activity and basic construction projects writing, as well as permit and license management. At this stage, we organize and rationalize the implementation of project activities or objectives, combining the desired functionality with architectural design.
  • Construction management: integrated management of the work in its technical, economic, security, quality and planning aspects.