Waste Characterization (methodology design, campaign and analysis of results)

Client Government of Gipuzkoa
Localización Gipuzkoa

Altair was awared by the local government of Gipuzkoa, for developing the methodology, campaign management and analysis of results of the Characterization Campaign of the Mixed Waste Fraction of Household Waste Disposal from Gipuzkoa.

The main objective of the first part of the project was to know the composition of the mixed fraction currently deposited directly into landfills of Gipuzkoa. Due to the huge volume of waste landfilled in Gipuzkoa, it is essential to know its composition to set recycling targets, awareness campaigns and even for sizing the waste treatment facilities.

According to different characterization methodologies employed and developed in Europe, the characterization campaign of the mixed fraction of 2012 was held in the last months of the year and it analized the waste from the three existing collection systems of Gipuzkoa : 4 container waste collection system,  5 container waste collection system and Door to Door waste collection system .

The characterization results show the current composition of the mixed fraction, the comparison between the different collection systems and other conclusions about the waste management system.

characterization summary


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